The Bite Down

How to Take Care of your Gums

Your gums, also known as gingiva, are a very important part of oral health. They seamlessly connect your teeth to the rest of your body by providing a layer of soft tissue around your teeth and a strong barrier of protection against friction from food. The gums are a vital part of oral health, without the proper care gingivitis can set in which can lead to more serious conditions like periodontitis. Here are a number of things you can do to take care of your gums and avoid loose teeth or tooth loss. Brush and Floss Brushing and flossing is your first defense when it comes to taking care of your gums. In fact, flossing actually does 40% of the…Continue Reading

Why You Should See Your Dentist Twice a Year

Seeing your Dentist twice a year is not a huge time commitment over the course of the year. However with life, kids, family obligations and a busy work schedule, two routine appointments a year with your dentist can be difficult to maintain. In fact, a study sponsored by the Center for Disease Control revealed that only 64% of adults actually visit the dentist in a year. Are regular dental visits necessary? Brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing once daily, and leading a balanced healthy lifestyle is crucial to good oral health. However, here are some reasons why you should still see your dentist at least twice a year. Let’s start with plaque and tartar. Soft and sticky is never…Continue Reading

Little-Known Services that Dentists Provide

When we think of dentistry, we think of traditional dental procedures such as filling cavities, root canals, and getting our wisdom teeth extracted. Heading to your dentist for a routine dental cleaning or a toothache are just a couple of the many conventional treatments dentists can offer.  However, there are a few things dentists can do that you may not have considered. Here are a few little-known services that dentists can provide… Gum Disease Laser Therapy Traditional methods requiring a scalpel and sutures for periodontal therapy are a thing of the past. Laser treatment is the new normal. With laser treatment, there is reduced or no bleeding, minimized swelling, no charring, and no drill noise or vibration. The stress and…Continue Reading

What Real Patients Have To Say About This North Andover Dentist

At Dr. Demetriou’s dentistry office, our goal is to provide the best dental care for patients in the North Andover area.  We make it a priority to provide excellent, comfortable, and reliable oral care to our patients. Through the many services we offer, our patients walk away feeling healthy and confident in their smiles. Don’t take our word for it though. Check out what actual, real-life customers have to say about working with us. Jim My first visit to this office made me realize what I have been missing in my dental care before. My hygienist did a great job cleaning my teeth, but more importantly she spoke with me about habits that might be causing some of the dental…Continue Reading

You Can Have New Teeth In A Day!

Whether you’re losing teeth due to age or you’ve had a medical event that caused tooth loss, or damage to your teeth this loss can be difficult to handle. Not only can missing or damaged teeth cause a loss of self-confidence and esteem, it can also be harmful to your overall health. A lost, decaying or damaged tooth leaves behind an empty hole that creates an excellent environment for bacteria growth which can cause cavities, decay, and gum disease. In addition, any voids that your tooth might have previously filled can attract food particles causing bad breath and even more bacteria. Whatever the case may be, missing teeth creates an immediate need for a visit to your dentist. Gary C.…Continue Reading